"Prayer is talking to God... meditation is listening for His answers..."

About Elizabeth Baron


In her lifetime, Elizabeth Baron was perhaps the world’s most famous psychic medium, having spent over three decades featured on radio and television shows, and in newspapers all over the world. Elizabeth was also considered to be “The World’s Most Documented Psychic Medium” with much of her life’s work documented in written form, audiotaped, or filmed. In her life, she was the proud mother of seven children and a pioneer entrepreneur in business, having managed her own companies since the '60s.

Elizabeth came from the hills of Tennessee, an orphan whose father had shot himself in front of her at five; at that same time, she was healed of a cancerous tumor under her tongue by the laying on of the hands of ministers in her neighborhood. It was during this time she was blessed with the gift of prophecy.  Her mother died while she was a young child and she was placed into many different foster homes during her formative years. Elizabeth believed that all the pain and hurt she endured as a small child was God’s gift to her. It instilled in her empathy and compassion for others and prepared her to become the elite Edgar Cayce-like medium she eventually became. She had an unheard of gift of being able to lie down, go into a deep trance state and give messages of up to 150 people at a time. 

Her first job as a teenager, after finishing Crandall Business College with honors, was working for the Director of Military Personnel, 14th Air Force, then to Secretary to Deputy Base Commander at Robbins AFB, Ga., to go on to Alabama, where she worked as Asst. to Director of Quality Control, Chrysler Missile Division at Redstone Arsenal, Ala. There she worked closely with prisoners of war from Germany and did schematics for the Jupiter program that sent our first missile into orbit. 

Upon moving to Chicago, Illinois at a very young age, she took a job and worked herself up to Asst. Advertising Manager for hosiery manufacturer. There she met with executives from Vogue, Town and Country and elite magazines to advertise her company’s product. Later, while in Chicago with her husband, she opened her own employment agencies and was President and CEO of two firms for l4 years where she had 35 employees. There she placed top executive officers, plant managers and engineers into jobs. She became an expert on job placement in the Chicago area and was a frequent lecturer at universities and other learning institutions for years. She spoke on how to get a job, how to prepare a resume and what subjects in college would qualify her clients for the job market. She lectured to the future generation at these colleges on how to dress properly and how to set goals for their careers and lives. 

After her divorce and marrying a Chief of Police in a Chicago suburb, she was beaten half to death, with a skull fracture, a brain concussion and rape. She was hospitalized where she had a near-death experience. A spirit in white, who she perceived to be God came to her and said, “Come upon the mountain with me. It is time to do your mission. Remember, you gave your life to me when you were thirteen years old.” This was amazing because she indeed had stood up in a church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee at 13 and gave her life to God, asking Him if she could be one of His missionaries. 

“Oh, Father, I am not worthy of doing anything for you. My robe is scarlet,” she replied. “Let me be the judge of how worthy you are.” He took her in a vision upon a mountain. “Here, look at this garden of roses,” He said. “These are representative of my children. Take good care of them and then look at what I have for you to do.”

As she looked out over the mountain, she saw thousands of rose gardens. At this very low point in her life, her real purpose was revealed. The rest, as they say, is history. Since 1978, she has been teaching and counseling people all over the world. She has worked with a variety of people from the Secret Service to Television Executives to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Her career has been second to none. 

Her life readings help to lift her clients from drugs, alcohol, and a depressed state to knowing who they really are – a Divine child of God. These revelations helped others to see their real purpose and create emotional stability and self-responsibility in their lives. Many of her CEO clients have stated, “When I receive a reading from Elizabeth, it is if she is reading my mind and answering every concern without asking me a question at all.” Elizabeth asks no questions of her clients. She just says a prayer and asks that the words be put in her mouth and lets the answers flow, as if she were reading a book of their life. 

One of the most respected mediums in the world, she is the author of several books; she lectured to groups such as Women in Film and Television, and was a teacher of meditation. Her daily career consisted of giving life readings all over the world by phone and in person. 

She worked closely with law enforcement, FBI and Secret Service agents, and was a regular guest on national radio and television shows. Although she had her own radio shows nationwide in the past, she believed that too much exposure to the public weakened her gift; so, much of her time was spent in her flower gardens or painting in her art studio. She gave a message to the world once a month on her Web site by channeling her guide, the spirit of St. Catherine of Siena. Elizabeth was also a professional oil painter whose massive oeuvre spanning a lifetime includes paintings and prints hung in prominent places all over the country. After Hurricane Hugo in 1989, she painted The Atlantic House on Folly Beach, SC (that had been blown out to sea) at least 4 times. The prints of this painting can be seen all over Charleston, SC. 

Elizabeth passed away on January 20, 2014, but her legacy lives on through her paintings, meditation CDs (soon to be available as Amazon MP3s), her books and teaching courses.