"Prayer is talking to God... meditation is listening for His answers..."



Elizabeth Baron's Series of Meditations will Change Your Life Forever!

Meditations soon to be available in the New Life Series:

Astral Travel - A Guided Meditation

Colour Therapy

Eat Drink & Think Your Way to a New Life

Fasting: Nature's Universal Cure

Finding Your Guardian Angel

Heal Yourself - A Guided Meditation

How to Meditate  - ORDER a CD online

Karma & Reincarnation


Stop Smoking through Visualization

The Truth about Aliens & UFOs 

This exciting series of guided meditations was developed by Elizabeth Baron over 35 years of research and active trials. These meditations are simple, practical and easy to use based on her own methods of changing lifestyles through the use of self-realization, meditation and positive visualization techniques. Step by step, you'll learn how to regain control over your body, your happiness and your spiritual health. 

Each audio meditation begins with an instructional guide to educate and inspire you to meditate daily in order to achieve optimal results followed by an inspirational meditation with beautiful music to help you adopt and maintain these effective methods. 

In her lifetime, Elizabeth Baron was an internationally renowned trance medium, spiritual teacher and counselor who founded the New Life Center in Charleston, South Carolina. People from all walks of life and faiths came to her teaching center to study holistic health and to enhance their spiritual growth. Elizabeth's unique approach combines Eastern philosophy, modern Western ideas and Biblical principles. 

"Elizabeth Baron provides the perfect link between traditional theology and New Age philosophy." --Rev. Timothy James