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Ghosts of Charleston on FOX - Aired October 2001 

This television show was locally produced. They asked Elizabeth to come to an old empty home in Charleston, South Carolina to find the ghosts. Go here to watch the video

America's Most Haunted Homes - Originally Aired in 2000 

Elizabeth was part of HGTV's "America's Most Haunted Homes" series.  She brought forth the spirit of William Henry Drayton and described the pain still lingering from his life. Elizabeth helped explain why William Drayton's spirit still haunts the hall of his plantation home. The series was filmed at Drayton Hall, Charleston, South Carolina. 

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See Elizabeth's Painting of Drayton Hall.

Geraldo Rivera & Producer Lora Wiley Who's Home Elizabeth Performed an Exorcism on The Geraldo Show, ABC - Aired May 1994 

One of the most outstanding exorcisms Elizabeth did was when one of Geraldo Rivera's producers called to ask her to come to New York City to perform an exorcism on her haunted apartment. The exorcism, taped live, was included in the program on May 17, 1994. She sat on a panel of people who claimed to be experiencing hauntings of various kinds; although the exorcism she performed on the producer's haunted Manhattan apartment was the central focus of the program. 

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"Like many of you, I've always taken ghost stories with a grain of salt, but when one of my top producers claimed recently to have actually been physically knocked around by an evil spirit and she had the bruises to prove it, then I figured it was time to take another look. With the help of those friends gathered, Elizabeth manages to banish the sour and malicious spirit. All participants report a feeling of cleansing. The house is free." --Geraldo Rivera 

CrimeWatch Tonight - Originally Aired in 1990 

The Case of the Missing Bridge Inspector and the Mark Clark Expressway When construction began on a new bridge in Charleston, SC (the Arthur Ravenel Bridge), Elizabeth's name appeared in the paper again. They assured Charleston that the bridge would be constructed properly and not like the James Island Connector (that part of the Mark Clark Expressway) that is now named the Ernie Passalaigue Bridge, due to the work the senator, Howard Comen and Elizabeth Baron worked together to correct. Elizabeth Baron and Howard Comen will always be remembered in Charleston for fighting corruption on the bridge construction on this case. 

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INSIDE EDITION - "Psychic Ain't Afraid of No Ghost" - Aired May 1987 

Elizabeth Baron and Detective Howie Comen on the scene at Gene Taylor's haunted home in South Carolina. 

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Elizabeth Baron Sketches Serial Rapist

Elizabeth Baron sketches low country serial rapist - 6 months before they caught Duncan Parker.